Terms and condition -old

In these regulations, the terms defined therein will have the following meanings:

1. Company - Adika Company LTD, 514659614.

2. The website - www.adikaonline.com.

3. Clothes - clothes that appear on the site and are offered for sale.

4. Time of delivery of merchandise: day of delivery of the goods - the day on which the goods were delivered to the destination requested by the customer.

5. Mailing Address - The address specified by the Principal as an order delivery address.

6. The date requested for the supply of the goods - the date specified by the Principal as the date on which it prefers to supply the goods.

7. The date of execution of the order - the day on which the credit company approved the transaction executed by the Principal.

8. Business days are weekdays, Monday through Friday, and do not includeSaturdays, Sundays and holiday nights.

9. The provisions of these Rules do indeed appear in the feminine language but are intended for both sexes.

10. Busniess info contacte - phone - +972-3-8001000, Adress - Meitav st 6, Tel aviv.

1. The site serves as a virtual store for the sale of imported clothing and is owned and managed by the company.

2. For any questions and / or clarifications and / or clarifications, please contact the company's customer service at info@adikaonline.com.

3. This policy is the legal basis for ordering and surfing the site and it only regulates the relationship between the company and the surfer on the site and / or the customer through the site.

4. Any executive ordering and / or purchasing through the site declares that upon execution of the act, it has read these regulations and that it agrees to all the provisions and terms of these regulations and that it will not have any claim or demand and / or claim against The site and / or the company and / or management of the site and / or the company and / or any of its managers and / or employees, in all matters relating to the provisions and terms of these regulations.

5. The Company reserves the right to change the Articles of Association from time to time at its sole discretion, without the need to give notice and / or prior notice.

6. The prices of the products include VAT according to the law.

7. The Company's computer records only, regarding the actions taken through the Site, will constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions.

8. The pictures of the products displayed on the site are for illustration purposes only and do not oblige the site management. It is also agreed that the Company will endeavor to do its best to present its customers with as accurate a picture as possible.

9. The Company does not undertake to hold inventory of all models and / or clothes whose images appear on the site.

10. The Company does its utmost to ensure that the information presented on the Site will be the most complete and accurate information, but it is hereby clarified that errors, inaccuracies or mistakes may be made in it, and the Company shall bear no liability whatsoever arising from or related to them.

11. All prices on the site appear on the products and are denominated in New Israeli Shekels. Prices include VAT, if applicable, and do not include shipping charges.

12. Site management is entitled to update the prices of the products on the site and the shipping rates from time to time and without the need for prior notice. The valid price relative to the order performed is the price published when completing the ordering process (which includes the delivery of credit card details). If prices are updated before the order process is completed, the customer will be charged at updated prices.

13. Site management may offer offers, benefits and discounts on the site or any other means of communication - including telephone, e-mail or text message. The Site's management may at any time stop such promotions, benefits and discounts, replace or modify them without prior notice.

14. The terms and conditions of use of the site apply to the use of the site and the services included therein by any computer or other communication device (such as cellular phones, PDAs, etc.). They also apply to the use of the Site whether through the Internet or through any network or other means of communication.

15. When updating the shopping basket, the Company reserves the right to remind the customer about the abandoned basket by sending an email to the address entered.

16. When registering for the site, it is possible to register for the official mailing of the site. If the customer wants to remove herself from the mailing after registering, she can do so easily through the link at the bottom of the mailing received. It should be noted that there are separate mailing lists, one general sent for innovations on the site and the other includes personal updates to the customer - the customer must note that she removed herself from the requested list, and in case she does not want to receive further mailings - it is her responsibility to remove herself from the various lists.

17. Registration is restricted to creating a single account for each client. The Company reserves the right to remove duplicate accounts.

18. Special offers and discount coupons apply to all items on the site except items in the basket, vintage items and external brands. The terms of exercise of coupons or alternates are listed at the end of the policy sheet. The coupon can only be redeemed by purchasing the site, and you can not feel more than one coupon in the purchase. In the case of returning an item purchased at a discount using a coupon, the amount returned will be the one paid after the rebate.

19. The administration of the site refers to the tagging of the intranet in the following tags - adika # adikastyle # - as an invitation to share in the visual content, which is uploaded to the site in the relevant category. Any user who is not interested in presenting its content in the above manner is invited to contact the customer service in any media of its choice, and the content will be removed immediately.

Register to the company website and place orders through the website
1. Purchase of products will be done by a registered customer by filling out an order form that appears on the site. Please note that filling out all the details is a prerequisite for making the order.

2. The site's management will not use the details of the customer for any use, except in accordance with the privacy policy of the site and constitutes an integral part of these terms of use and purchase.

3. In order to ensure that the order is executed efficiently and without mishaps, it is important to provide all the details required on the site accurately. If incorrect details are provided at the time of booking, the Company will not be able to guarantee that the Products will reach their destination. In case the products return to the company due to erroneous details, the customer will be charged for shipping and handling fees. Be sure to fill out accurate and up-to-date details.

4. Invitation as a guest - There is a possibility for the customer to place an order on the site without registration. However, if the customer made an invitation as a guest and then requested to return the order - in order to be able to register credit for her credit, a temporary account will be created to which the credit will be credited. If the customer is interested in a refund and is entitled to it according to the Shipping and Returns Regulations, such refund will be given on the credit account.

5. Upon execution of the order by the customer, the company will perform an examination of the credit card details, and upon confirmation of the order by the credit card companies, a notice will be sent to the client that the transaction was indeed approved.

6. The details of the order as entered in the order form and the recording of the transaction on the Company's computers shall constitute definitive and definitive evidence of the correctness of the course of action.

7. In the event that the transaction is not approved by the credit card company, the operator of the transaction will receive an appropriate notice and will be required to provide another payment method.

8. The approval of the purchase is contingent on the fact that the product is indeed in stock at the Company's warehouses at the requested delivery date and / or at the time of the order. However, if it is not stated that the product is not in stock and the product has not been downloaded from the site until the date of execution of the order, the company will not be obligated to sell the product, and the purchaser will not have any claim and / or claim in this matter in respect of any type of damage, Caused to the Purchaser and / or to a third party. This is subject to the fact that the site management will refund to the customer any amount it paid if it indeed paid the company and / or cancel the company if the charge was made. It should be emphasized and clarified that there may be situations in which although a particular item is presented on the site as existing in stock, in fact it is not in stock and can not be supplied - in such situations the transaction will be canceled and the customer will have no claim in this regard subject to reimbursement of the amount paid to the company by the customer.

9. Each customer will be entitled to order a product and choose a desired destination for shipment by updating the target requested in the order form - but the final destination for the shipment to be updated by the customer will be stored in the Company's database as the desired destination of the customer.

10. The Company shall be entitled not to approve a customer's order for any reason and at its sole discretion, such as in cases where: After the details have been provided, the binding documents have been approved and the customer's agreement to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy has been granted, but not obligated to present or send to Customer Updates via its account on the Site or by e-mail. Including content updates, information about its services and products, as well as the services and products of others, promotions, innovations on the Site.

* If, when you register on the site, wrong details were intentionally provided

* If an act or omission has been committed that may or may harm the Site or the management of the Site, or any third parties, including its customers, employees and suppliers of the Site's management

* If the services of the site were used to carry out an act that was deemed illegal under the laws of the State of Israel or to enable, facilitate, assist or encourage the execution of such an act

* If the terms of this Agreement are breached, the terms of one of the binding documents or the terms of any other online service offered by the Site

* If there is a debt owed to the company or companies associated with us and the debt has not been repaid, even though the date for payment has passed

* If the customer's credit card has been blocked or restricted to use in any way

11. Once the payment information has been entered on the payment page, confirmation will be sent by e-mail upon receipt of the order details. This approval does not require the management of the site to supply the products, and it only indicates that the details of the order were received by the management of the site.

12. If it turns out that the customer's credit card is not valid or that the credit card company does not respect the transaction or that PayPal (or any other available electronic wallet service) does not respect the charge or that the requested product is not in stock, With the customer for completion or cancellation of the transaction.

13. Paying through the PayPal account will ask the customer to enter the details of their existing PayPal account, or you can choose to open a PayPal account quickly. If the customer decides to pay through PayPal, the company will be able to collect the payment for the products only after receiving approval from PayPal. The use and receipt of the authorization is subject to PayPal's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and not to the Site.

14. According to the rules of the site, the receipt of a gift in the framework of the promotion is limited to one item per customer.

Cancellation of transaction and return policy
1. The provisions of this section are subject to the Consumer Protection Law (hereinafter: "the Law").

2. The Principal (and not the addressee) shall cancel the order made in each of the following conditions and conditions: Each credit will be transferred to the credit card where the order was made only, and according to the credit card's timetable.

* Cancellation of the order before sending the product to the customer will not incur an additional charge, and the customer will refund the money that it paid for the transaction, including shipping charges. A monetary credit will be granted according to what is stated in the law

* In the case of cancellation of a transaction after the product was sent to the customer and after receipt of the goods at the company's warehouses, a full monetary credit will be given. The shipping cost will be deducted from the credit screen. The credit will be granted provided that the item is returned without use and / or defect and / or damage - and with the label as received. External brand shoes will only be returned with the original box. If the product is returned not as stated in this section, the Principal will not be credited (not a monetary credit or a credit voucher).

* The Company has sole discretion regarding the status of the returned merchandise.

* You can return the item – not

Responsibility of the Company
1. The Company and / or the management of the Site and / or anyone acting on their behalf shall not be responsible for and shall not bear any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user and / or the surfer and / or the customer and / , Not in accordance with these Articles - shall be the cause of action whatsoever - including loss of income and / or prevention of profit caused for any reason, at which time the Company reserves the right to cancel the specific order.

2. If a mistake has been made in the description of the item, the company and / or the management of the site will not be required to do so.

3. Images The items on the site are intended for illustration purposes only and there may be differences between the images displayed on the site, some or all of them, and the items actually sold.

4. In any case, the Company shall bear no liability whatsoever in excess of the value of the garment / product purchased and any indirect damage and / or consequential damage.

5. The Company is not responsible for the use made by the customer and / or the customer, other than in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer and / or the company, including washing and / or any other use of the dresses.

6. Site management will not be responsible for delays in the supply of items due to events that are not under its control, such as malfunctions, delays, strikes, natural disasters, computer system malfunctions or telephone systems that will harm the completion of the purchase process or malfunctions in the e-mail service.

7. The site management will do its best to provide quality products at the requested time. If the customer believes that the products she purchased through the site or the services are defective, she is invited to contact the customer service by telephone at 800-800000, and the site management will handle the request as soon as possible.

1. All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, models, methods and trade secrets, are the property of the Company only. These rights apply, inter alia, to the data on the site, including the list of products, description and design of the clothes and any other details related to its operation.

2. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, market or translate any information from the Site, including trademarks, images and texts, clothing design, pictures of clothing, etc. without prior written permission from the Company.

3. No commercial use should be made of the data published in the database, in the list of products appearing therein or in other details published therein, without the prior written consent of the website's management.

4. Do not use any data published for presentation on any other site or service, without the consent of the site management in advance and in writing and subject to the terms of that consent (if given).

5. The name 'Adika' and the domain name of the site, the trademarks (whether registered or not) are all the property of the company only. They should not be used without prior written consent.

6. Insofar as there are trademarks (including pictures, drawings, etc.) that have been submitted for publication by the companies offering products and services for sale on the Site, then the trademarks are the property of those companies and may not be used without their consent.

7. All verbal content, icons (ICONS) Any information and / or display appearing on the Site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos, including editing and display on the Site, are the sole property of the Company and the owners of the Company.

8. The services of the site must be used for lawful purposes only.

9. Do not copy or use, or allow others to use, in any other way, content from the Site, including other websites, electronic publications, print publications, etc., for any other purpose.

10. Do not enable or allow the operation of any computer application or any other means, including software such as Crawlers, Robots, etc., to search, scan, copy or automatically retrieve content from the Site. In this respect, it is forbidden to create or use such means to create a collection, collection or database containing content from the site.

11. Content from the site should not be presented in a frame, open or hidden.

12. The contents of the site should not be presented in any way - including any software, device, accessory or communication protocol - that changes their design on the site or removes any content from them, especially advertisements and commercial content.

Privacy Policy, Database and Direct Mail
1. The personal information that will be provided by (hereinafter: "Registrant") as part of completing the registration form will be subject to the privacy policy of Adika Style Ltd. ("the Company"):

2. The Company shall not disclose the particulars of the Registrant, except in any of the following cases: (a) if it is required to do so by judicial order or by law; (B) If it receives an alert to take legal action against it in respect of actions performed by the registrant and in any dispute, claim, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between the Registrant and the Company; (C) If the Company organizes its activities within another body - and in the event that it merges with another entity or merges its activities with the activities of another entity - the Company shall be entitled to transfer the particulars of the registrant to the said other body, provided that the other body accepts the provisions of the Privacy Policy (D) If a claim is raised or raised by the Company, the suspicion that the registrant has committed an act and / or omission that harms and / or is liable to harm the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf and / or any third parties. Suspicion that the registrant used it for the purpose of carrying out an illegal act and / or to enable, facilitate, assist and / or encourage the execution of such an act; (G) If and to the extent necessary for the purpose of the Company's activities, such as the transfer of details to employees, subcontractors and other entities that are partners or involved in the operation of the Company's marketing activity. The Registrants shall have no claim or demand against the Company in connection with the delivery of their particulars as aforesaid and they hereby waive any such claim and / or claim.

3. Filling in the registration form constitutes the consent of the registrant that the particulars of his registrant and any data that will be derived from the analysis of these details and any information about him that has reached and / or will be brought to the attention of a company shall be held in one or more databases of a company or anyone acting on its behalf, (Including in writing, print, telephone, text message, facsimile, computer or other means); (a) for the purposes of marketing, advertising, sales promotion and sales; (B) for the purpose of encouraging loyalty, analysis and statistical research, conducting surveys and any other online use in connection with a marketing subject; (C) for internal needs, such as the need to investigate complaints and / or audits; It is further agreed that such information shall be deemed to be the property of the Company and the Registrar hereby waives any claim in respect of the use and / or ownership of the information as stated , Including waiver of any claim under the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981. The Company shall not be deemed to violate a privacy obligation or infringe on user privacy for any information, as defined in the Computers Law, 5755-1995, which may identify or trace a user by Which derives from the use of electronic means of communication in general and computer communications in particular.

The Registrant hereby expressly consents to the use of the foregoing in the particulars he has filled out and confirms that their use will not be considered an infringement of privacy and will not entitle him to any remedy and / Or any compensation.

5. Subscribers who wish not to receive applications via direct mail will be notified in writing on the Company's website at https://www.adikastyle.com or through the removal mechanism found in any mailing, in which case the Company will act in accordance with the instructions given to it. For the avoidance of doubt, the Company shall still be entitled to make use of the particulars of the Registrants for the purposes specified in Section 3 above, subject to the privacy of the Registrants and in accordance with Applicable Law.

1. The Company does not store credit card numbers in its computers.

2. The Company uses the highest security standards in order to maintain as much as possible the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of its customers. The company uses Credit Guard, the leading credit and security card clearing company in Israel for the purpose of checking and securing information. CreditGuard complies with strict standards and information security procedures as required by the PCI Level 1 credit card companies.

3. The site's strict security standards are intended to protect consumers, merchants and credit card companies. The introduction of PCI DSS significantly increases security and therefore helps to foster the trust of online credit card users. The company uses the services of Comsec, which specializes in detecting loopholes in the network, exposing the holes in the computer system of the site and the servers, and blocking them from penetration and penetration from the outside. The standard certification service includes the largest quantity and variety of tests at the highest level level 1 level.

4. The site is secured by SSL protocol, meaning that all communication between the browser (client) and the site (ie the web server that stores the pages) is encrypted so that the information transmitted between the browser and the site can not be decoded. That is, the promised 'security' is encryption of information. Encryption is a method for "turbulence" designed to mislead hostile parties and is carried out in two partners: the sender is a mixer and the receiver is a decoder. The method of mixing is based on mathematical functions, and the unique method (such as RSA) is that enough one key on the client side to scramble and decode is required two.

5. In cases that are not under control and / or arise from force majeure, the Company shall not be liable for any damage, indirect or direct, caused to Customer or anyone acting on its behalf, if information is lost or accessed by a hostile entity and / or used without authorization.

6. The Company undertakes not to make use of the details of the customers listed on the Site, except for the purpose of operating the Site only, and in order to enable the execution of the order and the transmission of information to the Client.

7. The management of the site makes an effort to provide the customer with proper service and high quality. However, the site management does not guarantee that the service on the site will not be interrupted, will be provided regularly or without breaks, will be held safely and without errors, and will be immune to unauthorized access to the computers of the site administration, damages, malfunctions, malfunctions or failures