Welcome to the world of the #ADIKAGIRL.

#AdikaGirl lives life in the fast lane and is ALWAYS on the grid. Posts, likes, shares and swipes - but no Tweets (character limit? No thanks!)

She is always on trend with cutting edge fashion and she's got all the options in the palm of her hand. She's making the choices that express who she is, and makes NO apologies about it.


That's where Adika comes in.

As she hunts for the latest trend, she knows she'll find it at Adika - online, offline, socially and digitally – at her sphere and at her pace.

How fast, you ask? From 50 to 100 new pieces hitting the site every week - that's how fast (and at prices she won't need to think twice about!)


#AdikaGirl craves to experience all the good things life has to offer, and she has no time to waste. She must have everything in one place and we've done just that:

head-turning party wear, the hottest swimsuits, the trendiest casual fits, the accessories she needs to spice things up, and the gift card her BFF is dreaming of :)


No WiFi? No problem! She can hit up any of our 9 stores (including one in SoHo, NY!), where every girl feels like she just walked into a party - and she's the life of it.

The world belongs to the spontaneous. To those who are not afraid to stand out. To the trend-setters.
We’re not like anybody else, and neither are YOU.
Take your wardrobe to the next level. Do it with Adika.

We are a digital native fashion brand for the digital native generation.
It's a new age, and we're here for it.