ADIKA Counting Accessories Competition

  1. General

The contest is being held by Adika Style Ltd. (the "Company”), on the Company’s Instagram account on the social media platform “Instagram”, whose address is as follows: (the “Contest” & the “Company’s Account”, respectively) in accordance with the provisions of this Terms & Conditions document. It is hereby clarified that Instagram is not accountable for or affiliated with this Contest being held by The Company and will not bear any liability in relation to this Contest.

  1. The Contest
    • Within the framework of the Contest, a Prize will be awarded to one winner, chosen by an independent panel of judges, amongst all the Eligible Participants: Each participant who follows or will begin following the Company’s Account and will tag one friend in the comment section of the post, along with an answer that will be the closest to indicating the exact number of Adika accessories within the picture. Notably, the first correct answer, or in the case there won’t be of such, the next closest to it, up to and no later than September 26, 2021, at 9:00 am PST (GMT+2 – 7pm) (the “Eligible Participants”). A participant that is considered a minor according to any applicable law, which its participance in the Contest requires an approval of a “representative” or a “guardian” (or any other legal equivalent), if at all required, hereby undertakes and declares that such approval has been granted to its participance (including the winning if occurs). Company employees or their family members are not allowed to participate (for such purposes, a family member shall be significant other/s, parents, and siblings).
    • Each Eligible Participant is allowed to comment multiple times, but is only eligible to win one Prize, if chosen.
    • An independent panel of judges will choose (at its sole discretion) one winner that will comment the first correct answer, or in the case there won't be of such, the next closest to it, and that she and her tagged friend are both following or have started following the company's Instagram page (the "Winner").


  1. Rewards
    • The Winner will receive $1000 (“Prize”) for her and her friend, meaning $500 each, for purchase on the Company’s Website ( or or ) (“Company Website”) in one of the following forms: website credit, gift card, or any other form that the Company shall decide, at its sole discretion.
    • The Prize will be awarded in U.S Dollars or the local currency customary at the Winner's residence country, in accordance with the currency exchange rate as it will stand at the end of the Winner announcement date.
    • The Prize is for personal use only. You may not alter, give away, or exchange for other goods. Receiving the Prize depends on the participant’s eligibility. The Company shall be entitled to condition the final hand out of the Prize upon receipt of a representative approval for the chosen Winner, as required, or upon receipt of relevant certificates or documents, all of which are at the sole discretion of the Company.


  1. Winning the Contest and the Committee
    • 1 An independent panel of judges will choose one Winner amongst the Eligible Participants that will be closest to indicating the exact number of Adika accessories within the picture. In the event that more than one participant answers correctly or provides with an identical and close to correct answer, the one who timely provided it first will win, and she and her tagged friend are both following or have started following the Company's Instagram page, all in accordance with criteria to be determined by the Company, at its sole discretion.
    • The Winner will be announced on September 26, 2021 at 11:00 am PST (GMT+2 – 9pm) on the Company’s Account (and any other place where the Company chooses to post the announcement, as per its discretion, including but not limited to the Instagram Story of the Company / Company’s Facebook page Feed / the Company’s Website or any other media platform, at its discretion). The Company reserves the right to change place and time of the announcement or to extend or shorten the duration of the Contest, without prior notice, at its discretion, as well as to publish the announcement of the Winner and their details in any additional media platform, site, or social media platform of choice.
    • By participating in the Contest, each participant allows the Company, in the event that they win, to publish the participant’s name and/or location and/or photo and/or to tag participant’s Instagram account and/or its published comment, including and for the purpose of promotional benefit, public relations and publishing, at the Company’s sole discretion. By participating in the Contest, each participant Participants waives any claim with respect to the aforesaid.
    • Without derogating from the provisions of these Terms & Conditions and any applicable law, the Company reserves the right to deny the Winner from receiving their Prize in case of a felony or fraud of any kind whatsoever, including, the use of an already published comment to the Contest’s post or a comment which is not original in any way. In addition, the independent panel of judges shall have the right to eliminate participants for any reason, to its sole and absolute discretion, in any case of a participants that will not cooperate with the Company and/or and will not give her full details in order to exercise the Prize and/or will sabotage the Contest and/or the Contest’s operation and/ or other participants in any way and/or will use an Instagram account that may raise the concern of being commercial of fake and/or operate through an application or any other participation means (including Bot, Script, Crawler, etc.). The Company reserves the right to erase or edit any content that will be published by any of the participants, including offensive and brutal content, advertising or spam content, or any other content that is considered harmful or inappropriate under the Terms & Conditions of The Contest, Terms of Use of Instagram and/or the Company’s Account, and reserves the right for disqualification of a participant, all in accordance with the Company’s sole discretion.
    • If for any reason the Prize will not be awarded to the Winner, including due to their disqualification, the Prize will be given to the next eligible participant whose answer was closest to the correct one (the “Substitute Winner”).
    • The Winner and her friend shall be entitled to exercise their Prize within 30 days from the date such participants received formal notice of win via a direct message sent to their Instagram account. If the Winner and/or her friend did not respond in a timely manner and/or provided relevant details and/or it was decided that the participant is not an Eligible Participant and/or has violated these Terms & Conditions or the Terms of Use of Instagram or any applicable law, the Company will be able to disqualify the participant and her friend at its discretion and to transfer it to a Substitute Winner. In such case, the first Winner’s entitlement shall be null and void, and such Winner shall have no claim and/or demand against the Company with respect to it.
    • The independent panel of judges is the final authority in any matter related to the Contest, whether expected or not and whether stated in these Terms & Conditions or not. The independent panel’s decision in such matters shall be final and obligatory, for all intents and purposes, and each participant hereby waives any claim or right of any kind, with respect to such decisions of the independent panel.


  1. General
    • These Terms & Conditions are the formal contract between the Company and the participants, for all intents and purposes. These Terms & Conditions sum up the rights and obligations of the participants and the Company, and by participating in the Contest, each participant agrees and declares that it has read and understood these Terms & Conditions, accepts the provisions included in them and undertakes to act in accordance with them, and understand that even without reading, it is hereby obligated to all the Terms & Conditions, for all intents and purposes.
    • Each participant shall be solely liable for its comments and declares that there the publication of such comments is in no way harmful to any third party, including, in accordance with the applicable laws of defamation and/or copyrights and/or privacy and the Company shall be exempted from verifying the aforesaid. the participant shall be solely and fully responsible for any damage that may be caused as a result of the publication of its comment or its participation in the Contest and by participating, each participant undertakes to compensate and reimburse the Company, immediately upon the Company’s first demand, for any damage, loss, charge, or expense that may be caused to or imposed on the Company as a result of such publication of comment or any other content or its participation.
    • Each participant declares that he/she is aware that despite all efforts invested in the various systems, these systems are not full proof of errors or faults, including due to human errors and/or technical difficulties (e.g. errors that prevent the posting of certain comments, changes of the Contest’s dates, etc.). If for any reason (including due to a technical or a human error), a comment is not published and/or the detail of a participant or a possible winner and/or a wrong Winner shall be announced (one or more), the Company will not bear any liability and the participants shall have no right or claim against the Company with respect to the Contest.
    • The participation in The Contest and the exercise are in the exclusive responsibility of each participant and/or Winner and the Company shall not be liable for any damage, including personal damage (direct and/or indirect), loss or expense that may occur to a participant and/or a Winner due to any matter related (directly and/or indirectly) to the Contest and/or the Prize and/or its exercise.

Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, it is hereby declared that the participation in the Contest by the participant is for the sole purpose of entertainment and/or winning the Prize and that in any case, such participation shall not give the participant and/or the Winner and or whomever on their behalf, any right or claim related directly or indirectly to the Contest, its conduct, its result and anything related to it.

  • The Company may, for whatever reason and to its sole discretion, immediately or with a notice, to cease The Contest and/or to amend these Terms & Conditions and/or change the Prize of the Contest. In such an event, the Company will publish an announcement with respect to such event, in the manner these Terms & Conditions were published. It is agreed that such announcement shall be deemed as appropriate and sufficient, and the participants and/or Winner waive any claim with respect to such changes and/or announcement.
  • In any event of contradiction or discrepancy within these Terms & Conditions or other publishing in any media platform and/or Instagram’s Terms of Use, the provisions of these Terms & Conditions shall prevail.
  • These Terms & Conditions and the Contest are governed by the laws of Israel. The exclusive venue for any dispute relating to these Terms & Conditions and the Contest shall be the competent courts of the Tel Aviv District.